The Soulkitchen family is celebrating almost 35 years in the music business.

We started as record collectors, became DJs, club owners and entrepreneurs, record producers, label heads and business developers and despite our high level of experience we are still hungry, passionate and also remain massive music fans.
We just love what we do still carrying that sparkle in our eyes and get goosebumps when we dig in the crates or visit an enjoyable gig.
We know what it means to discover a fresh beat or a new hook and we all chase for that treasure to take home, practice with it and play at the next gig.
We love design and the art of storytelling. We appreciate the culture and sub-culture of the urban music genres and enjoy conversations with fellow enthusiasts about music and urban arts.

We hereby announce with great pleasure the launch of the new addition to our Soulkitchen venture with an independent distribution system in place.
With four labels to date and more to follow, a big back catalogue of well known artists and repertoire we proudly represent a well fit variety of styles and productions all written and produced to be pressed on sound carriers, mainly vinyl but also other formats in demand such as tapes, discs or usb-sticks.
We also distribute merchandise and print products like, hoodies, t-shirts, caps, slipmats, bags, books and posters, too.
We are happy to work with dedicated record distributors and merchants, that appreciate our music, mission and vibe and share the love for Funk, Soul, Boogie Funk and Hip Hop/ RnB productions.

We do our best to work resourceful, will always aim to satisfy and take great care and pride in building solid business relations with our partners.

We are certain you will have a whole lotta fun(k) with us! Soulong

Your Soulkitchen team



We glad you like the music we distibute. The labels and us do appreciate all buyers and customers for circulating our vinyl records, albums and 7"-singles. Vinyl for us is more than a product, it is a piece of art and therefore we spend a lot of time and efforts to deliver the best quality posssible.

Ordering with us is plain simple, just write to us via email: distribution(at)soulkitchen.gmbh or call us on +49 40 254 2099.
In the near future we will built a complete user experience friendly website with dealer logins and DJ logins.

Packaging and shipping will be handle by our very own staff and we will use only reliable and professional carrier companies. Rates and shipping times will be customized to your needs and whishes.
Please talk to us and develope the perfect match when ordering with us regarding custom fees, taxes and shipping cost.