“Nothing can heal the soul except the senses, just as nothing can heal the senses like the soul.” This sensual and soulful quote goes back to a certain Oscar Wilde.

But it could just as easily be the label motto above the door of the Soulkitchen office.

For 30 years now and in all imaginable capacities - from producer to label maker, DJ or songwriter to director - the funky factotums from SEDSOULCIETY RECORDINGS, originally in the scene in parallel and since 2023 together, have been committed to the good cause:

Funk & Soul is to them what Body & Soul means to others.

Namely: life, love, desire and passion.

The members of the Sedsoulciety crew are also the eternal soul brothers, rare groove freaks and boogie funkateers behind the internationally renowned labels SedSoul Records and Soulciety Records, an “independent with real principles” (Music Week) “in the tradition of legendary ancestors like Motown “(Musikexpress), the intro compared 30 years ago to Mo Wax and Talkin Loud. SEDSOULCIETY RECORDINGS is more than just the merger of the two labels SedSoul and Soulciety, it is the collaboration that the company Soulkitchen GmbH gives a home to in the future to pamper all of everyone's senses and maintain a musical lifestyle that forms the basis for the entire pop culture and dance music that was as style-defining as it was influential.

A new generation has long since discovered Rare Groove and Boogie Funk. Soul and Funk fans between Berlin and Barcelona often party the night away to the driving rhythms of the 60s, 70s and 80s, often as a corresponding revival. The once exclusive rare groove and northern soul scene has now become an international phenomenon and is now called Neo-Boogie, Neo-Soul or New Heavy Funk.

Vinyl as a sound carrier and source of joy on the dance floor is on the rise again worldwide and is also seen and celebrated by global youth as a counterweight to digitalization.

Though the step to found and bring a 7” label to life only makes sense and is consistent. A great back catalog with original productions and big names like Bobby Byrd, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Vicki Anderson, D-Train, Glenn Jones, Kenny Thomas, Roger Troutman, Tower of Power and Lalomie Washburn to name just a few, as well as current productions with, for example, vocalists and soul crooners David A. Tobin, Tomas Thordarson, Susanne Ørum, Miracle Thomas or Heather Haywood provide an almost inexhaustible pool of releases, all of which meet the demands of high quality and authenticity paired with the sincere soul feeling.

Produced and pressed in Germany according to the good old credo:

Act locally, think globally!

Brands and music made in Germany; put the record on, lean back and enjoy with lots of “fahrvergnuegen”…